There is healing power in the written word for both author and reader.
There is healing power in the written word for both author and reader.

How Babies Come Out

Kids are known for their brutal honesty, as well as asking lots of questions. Mine are no different, and I’ve been told and asked many things over the years. My son, now eight, has a curiosity and a need to understand how things work. He wants to know about everything from driving laws to bodilyContinue reading “How Babies Come Out”

Choose Life

The world will always give us the opportunity to choose, this I know. God simply says we should choose life, and here’s what I’m learning that means.

Puzzles, Elephants, and the Mysterious Bible

As a Bible study leader, if there is one question that I have been asked more than any other, it would be something along the lines of “I have a hard time understanding the Bible when I read it on my own, how do you make sense of it?” The truth is, the Bible actually has some helpful instructions to guide us in figuring out this particular puzzle, go figure!

Rules for War

Some are losing routines and lifestyle, others income and resources, and devastatingly some will have their earthly life come to an end at the hand of this thing. It all begs the question: with so much loss, what will be gained?

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