There is healing power in the written word for both author and reader.
There is healing power in the written word for both author and reader.

The Skinny on Getting Good Sleep

Sometimes we can be envious of sleeping babies, and wish sleep would come that easy. Though swaddling and a pacifier aren’t going to lull us to sleep, we do have some options to help us in this area.

Are We Going to Hell in a Handbasket?

Last week we all watched as yet another public display of people behaving badly. More deaths, more destruction of property, this time at our nation’s Capitol. As the events unfolded, people reacted. Many are once again shocked and upset, and it’s understandable. Over the last year I’ve heard people ask if we’re going to hell in a handbasket more than once, and I get the sentiment.

Anderson Chronicles: Step Aside Griswolds

To others it might seem cliche: a suburban family going on their annual ski trip. To us, it’s memories in the making and legends of a lifetime. For whatever reason, we tend to run into travel woes on these trips, and I thought it would be fun to recount them. The following is the account of our adventures.

Pure Joy

Doesn’t Christmas feel strange this year? The usual large celebrations are dwindling down to small gatherings, if they are happening at all. Things I excitedly anticipated in the past are either cancelled or so unrecognizable this year that it’s hard to imagine enjoying the experience at all.

Your Work is Worth It

Serving, giving, and following a calling are not for the faint of heart. They are for the heart that is set on God and believes in his goodness in our lives. Sometimes, in those most exhausted moments even the most God-seeking heart grows weary of working.

I’m Quiet and I Like It

The world needs the loud ones, Lord knows y’all keep me entertained, and are often the ones who push me to use the God-given quiet confidence I’ve got. But for the girls who prefer back porch sitting to front row dancing, a good conversation to a big celebration, and quiet bravery to loud boldness, the world needs you, too.

What’s in That Bag?

How often do we hide things because we are afraid of someone’s reaction? Are there times we lug our desires and dreams around, secretly hidden from anyone’s sight? When our children, friends, or others choose to share their pain, plans, or dreams what is our reaction?

Not Your Grandmother’s Pap

I know for years I went through this experience blindly and assuming things that weren’t true. So, take a minute to read about the realities of the modern pap smear, what it is and what it’s not.

Pandemic School: From Dread to Expectation

Today, what are you expecting? I’ve come to expect a lot of things. As many of us prepare to send our kids back to school in the most unusual ways, we expect frustrations and unknown challenges. I’ve admittedly been dreading this year, and my attitude has shown it. The thought of my children spending one more minute alone on their Chromebooks makes me want to scream. At least it did, until God woke me up with two words: expect me.


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